• Bee Picky - Platter (Vegan)
  • Bee Picky - Platter (Vegan)

Bee Picky - Platter (Vegan)

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🍬🌈 Ever envisioned crafting your ultimate vegan pick and mix collection? Unveil our Custom Vegan Platter, where your sweetest, plant-based dreams materialize! This innovative platter features 9 distinct segments, each waiting to be filled with your selection of exquisite vegan sweets. Embrace the role of a culinary creator, designing the perfect platter to delight your vegan taste buds!

Why You'll Cherish the Custom Vegan Platter:

Personalised Vegan Delights: With our extensive array of vegan sweets, fill each of the 9 segments according to your cravings. From zesty vegan fizzy treats to soft, chewy vegan delights, your Custom Vegan Platter is a testament to your unique preferences.

Endless Reusable Joy: This platter offers more than a single moment of pleasure—it's crafted for ongoing delight. Equipped with a convenient lid, your vegan sweets stay fresh, enabling endless confectionery exploration with each refill.

Ideal for Any Vegan Occasion: Whether it's a night in with your favourite films, a lively vegan gathering, or a thoughtful gift, the Custom Vegan Platter is your premier selection for adding a unique touch of vegan sweetness to any event.

A Vegan Note: We're committed to spreading joy through our sweets, with your safety as our priority. Our vegan sweets include allergens, so we advise checking our allergen page for detailed ingredients information, allowing for confident and informed indulgence.

Benefits of the Custom Vegan Platter:

  • Tailor-Made Vegan Treats: Why compromise with standard mixes when you can have it your way? Revel in the joy of handpicking your favourite vegan sweets.
  • Sustainable Sweet Indulgence: Our reusable platter marries your love for sweets and the environment, supporting eco-friendly practices with every refill.
  • Knowledgeable Vegan Choices: Transparency is crucial for us, providing you with the information needed to make safe, enjoyable choices about your vegan treats.

Are you prepared to construct your dream vegan sweet platter? The Custom Vegan Platter is your canvas for creativity and a hunger for plant-based fun. It's not just a platter; it's a gateway to a world of personalized vegan pleasure. Start creating your ideal vegan sweet selection today, and let the plant-based joy be unending!

Indulge bespoke, with the Custom Vegan Platter.

Allergy Information

Please be aware that our sweets could contain allergens. They are prepared in a facility that also processes foods containing, but not limited to, gluten, wheat, milk, soy, egg, sesame, tree nuts, peanuts, and sulphites. For detailed allergen and ingredient information, kindly visit our allergen and ingredient page.


For details on ingredients and allergens, kindly visit our allergen and ingredient page.

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