• Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar
  • Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar
  • Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar

Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar

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🍭🎉 Why settle for less when you can have it all? Our Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar is here to revolutionise your sweet indulgence! Imagine a jar, brimming with up to 12 selections of sweets, all chosen by you. From the tangy to the sugary, the gummy to the jelly, your sweet desires are no longer just a dream.

 Dive Into the Sweetness:

  • Bespoke Bliss: With the Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar, you're the master of mix. Select up to 12 different sweets from our extensive collection, and create a blend that's as unique as your taste buds.
  • Endless Enjoyment: Not only is this jar a treasure trove of your favourite treats, but it's also reusable. Once you've savoured the last sweet, refill it, reuse it, and relive the joy. It's the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Eco-Friendly Elegance: Crafted with love and consideration for our planet, the Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar reduces waste and promotes sustainability. It’s a stylish addition to any kitchen, bedroom, or living room, ready to be filled and refilled with sweet joy.

A Sweet Note to Our Customers: We're all about creating happiness through sweets, but your well-being is our top priority. Our sweets come with allergens, so we encourage you to visit our allergen page for detailed ingredients information. Enjoy with confidence and care!

The Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar Benefits:

  • Tailor-Made to Taste: The ultimate in sweet selection freedom. Mix, match, and make your perfect sweet assortment.
  • Sustainable Sweetening: Embrace eco-chic with our reusable jar, cutting down on packaging waste and keeping the planet as happy as your taste buds.
  • Allergy Aware: Knowledge is sweet! That’s why we provide comprehensive allergen information to keep your snacking safe and enjoyable.

Ready to embark on a journey of endless sweet possibilities? The Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar is your vessel to a world where choice is king and sustainability is queen. Fill it with joy, fill it with flavour, and let every scoop be a celebration of your personal taste paradise.

Make it personal, make it sustainable, make it yours. Discover the joy of bespoke indulgence with the Bee Picky - 1.5KG Jar.

Allergy Information

For details on allergens, kindly visit our allergen and ingredient page.


For details on ingredients and allergens, kindly visit our allergen and ingredient page.

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