• Bee Picky - Platter (Halal)
  • Bee Picky - Platter (Halal)

Bee Picky - Platter (Halal)

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🍬🌈 Have you ever imagined crafting your very own halal pick and mix masterpiece? Introducing our Bee Picky Halal Platter, where your sweetest dreams turn into reality! This delightful platter offers 9 distinct segments, each awaiting to be filled with your selection of delicious halal-certified sweets. Step into the role of confectionery maestro, creating the perfect halal platter to satisfy your palate!

Why You'll Adore the Bee Picky Halal Platter:

Customisable Halal Fun: With an extensive range of halal sweets at your fingertips, choose how to fill each of the 9 segments. From fizzy halal treats to gummy halal delights, your Bee Picky Halal Platter becomes a reflection of your unique taste.

Reusable Delight: More than a one-off pleasure, this platter is designed for continual joy. Thanks to its convenient lid, your halal sweets remain fresh, allowing your culinary adventures to thrive anew with each refill.

Perfect for Every Halal Occasion: Be it a cozy movie night, a vibrant celebration, or a considerate gift, the Bee Picky Halal Platter is your ultimate choice for adding a bespoke touch of halal sweetness to any event.

A Sweet Halal Note: Our mission is to spread happiness with our sweets, prioritising the safety of our cherished customers. Given that our halal sweets contain allergens, we encourage a visit to our allergen page for detailed ingredient information, ensuring peace of mind with every bite.

The Bee Picky Halal Platter Benefits:

  • Tailor-Made Halal Treats: Don't settle for generic mixes—embrace the excitement of selecting your preferred halal sweets.
  • Sustainable Halal Sweetness: Embrace eco-friendly practices with our reusable platter, celebrating your love for sweets and the planet simultaneously.
  • Informed Halal Choice: Transparency is key to us, allowing you to make knowledgeable choices about your halal treats, ensuring a worry-free indulgence.

Are you ready to design your dream halal sweet platter? The Bee Picky Halal Platter is your canvas, awaiting your creativity and hunger for fun. It's more than a platter; it's your ticket to a realm of personalized halal delight. Begin crafting your ideal halal sweet assortment today, and let the sweetness never end!

Indulge bespoke, with the Bee Picky Halal Platter.

Allergy Information

Please be aware that our sweets could contain allergens. They are prepared in a facility that also processes foods containing, but not limited to, gluten, wheat, milk, soy, egg, sesame, tree nuts, peanuts, and sulphites. For detailed allergen and ingredient information, kindly visit our allergen and ingredient page.


For details on ingredients and allergens, kindly visit our allergen and ingredient page.

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