Halal Fizzy Assortment Pre-Packed 1KG

Halal Fizzy Assortment Pre-Packed 1KG

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🐝 Welcome to Little Bee Treats, the sweetest online shop buzzing with delightful confections! 🍭

Get ready for an explosion of flavor and fun with the Halal Fizzy Mix! We're here to make your taste buds dance and your sweet tooth sing with joy. 🌟🍬

Indulge in a world of fizzy wonders, all certified Halal for your peace of mind. This 1KG pre-packaged bag is a treasure trove of Halal-certified fizzy sweets that will take your taste buds on an extraordinary journey. Each bite is a burst of tangy, fizzy deliciousness that will leave you craving more. 💥🍭

But before we proceed, let's address the Disclaimer, because transparency is key. While we don't personally make this mix ourselves, we ensure it's expertly packaged in a factory. Therefore, the images you see are for illustration purposes only. However, be assured that your Halal Fizzy Mix will be a delightful surprise, carefully curated to satisfy your cravings with a selection of Halal-certified fizzy sweets. 🎨🍬

It's no wonder that this Halal Fizzy Mix has become one of the top viral sensations on TikTok! Candy enthusiasts worldwide can't resist capturing the fizzy magic and sharing their unboxing experiences with their followers. Get ready to join the trend and let your taste buds go wild as you experience the thrill of our Halal Fizzy Mix! 📱🎥

But wait, there's more! The pre-packaged bags are designed to be mixed and matched, allowing you to create your own personalized sweet symphony. Combine the Halal Fizzy Mix with any of the other 1KG prepackaged value bags and unlock exclusive discounts! Little Bee Treats is all about giving you the freedom to customize your sweet experience while ensuring that you get incredible value for your money. 🌈💰

At Little Bee Treats, we believe that every sweet tooth deserves to be satisfied, and that includes those seeking Halal-certified options. The Halal Fizzy Mix is not only a treat for your taste buds, but also a value bag that offers great bang for your buck. We're dedicated to providing you with a wide range of Halal-certified sweets at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of Little Bee Treats. 🍭✨

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our virtual sweet shop, explore the captivating world of the Halal Fizzy Mix, and let your taste buds experience the fizzy, tangy delight they've been longing for! Order now and discover why Little Bee Treats is the go-to destination for all your Halal pick and mix desires. Get ready to savor the fizzy goodness, enjoy the variety, and experience the value-packed joy of our Halal Fizzy Mix! 🐝🍬💥

Ingredients & Allergy Information

Glucose syrup, sugar, beef (halal) gelatine, potato starch, acids (citric acid, Malic Acid), flavorings, apple juice from concentrate (1.5%), colours E100(ii), E110, E129, E133, E141, E150a, E160a(iii), E163, E171, E334, E296. 

Packed in a factory that also packs, products containing gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soya, egg and products contain sulphur dioxide/sulphites.

Little Bee Treats is unable to accept liability for any incorrect information.

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